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Since I finished my last blanket a while back, I’ve been trying out new materials to crochet with besides yarn – this week it just so happens that I picked up jute.  It’s normally reserved for tying off presents and party invitations but, ever since I crocheted a jute coaster last year for my desk, I thought it would be a great idea to…
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Sewing as Meditation | Danielle Hatfield

Sewing as meditation has been a practice of mine for years and is one of the ways I try to regularly bring mindfulness into my daily life, for instance, I recently finished a set of coasters. Yay me!             View this post on Instagram                      …
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There is nothing that I love more than discovering a piece of furniture that is a diamond in the rough. This $5 chair from my favorite local Triad Goodwill was no exception! Hands down one of my favorite places to hunt for my DIY projects is Goodwill. You just never know what you might find to refinish and when my…
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  Danielle Hatfield - Watercolor - Argosy Magazine - July 1944

Over the last year, I’ve begun painting again.

It’s been decades since I painted anything more regularly than walls and furniture … but that’s changed. I’m learning to paint with watercolor, which is a new medium for me and I’ve found my creative spark studying vintage advertisements and cover art.

Bolstered by the encouragement of family and friends I will begin selling my art again. *yay*

Follow my progress over on Instagram as I climb the learning curve of taking over 20 years experience painting with acrylics and retrain my brain to paint with watercolor.

danielle hatfield - watercolor - stocking ad by Mojud

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